Lithuanian Education Trade Union
Lithuanian Education Trade UnionLithuania
Lithuanian education and science trade union (LESTU) is the largest trade union organization for education employees trade unions in Lithuania. LESTU is the only education trade union in Lithuanian uniting workers in all fields of education.
Lithuanian Education and science Trade Union
Vilnius Car Mechanics
Vilnius Car Mechanics & Business School - Lithuania
VAVM is one of the biggest vocational training institutions in Lithuania that have experience in training car mechanic.
FORMA.Azione Italy
has started its activity in 1997 as Association of Professionals and Consultants, hightly specialized in Vocational Training Services as well as Adult Learning.
Public vocational training center, created by a protocol between the Institute of Employment and Vocational Training and the Portuguese Commerce and Services Confederation. The aim of CECOA is to promote educational activities and vocational training for the commerce and services sectors. CECOA is also an accredited VNFIL provider with more than 15 years of experience in the field
is an innovative and dynamic company in the field of research and consultancy. It is located in Patras, but it also operates all over Greece and Europe, with main objectives the provision of quality consulting services, training and communication technologies.