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Desk research on existing VNFIL good practices and tools



NAME OF THE PRACTICE OR TOOL: NPK in UVNPZ (NVQ – National Vocational Qualification) and process of validation of informal and non-formal knowledge

1. AIM

A NVQ for a certain skill is shown by a public document – a certificate whose form and content are defined by the Ministry of Labour.

The aim of the document is to formally recognise/validate work-related, competence-based qualification, which reflects the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively and shows that a candidate is competent in an area of work, or individual segments of work, within an area at a certain level of achievement, and as such, part of the national qualification framework.

The aims of the process of validation of informal and non-formal language are the recognition of knowledge acquired in such way and the validation of knowledge of persons with international protection who wish to continue their education, audit of skills etc.



The objectives of the system of NVQ certification:

• To give public validity to non-formal and informal education, training and learning;
• To be a substitute for low adaptability in the formal system of education;
• To enhance lifelong learning through the public recognition of knowledge;
• To enable swifter response to the demands of the labour market for individuals who have acquired certificate.



• Adults.
• Early school leavers or NEETs.
• Employed persons.
• Low-skilled people (NVQ in Slovenia is suitable for up to higher educational level). •Disadvantaged young people, etc.



In Slovenia a network of NVQs covers technical area, agriculture, forestry, health, social security, transport, catering, tourism, personal services, science, social science, humanities.



An NVQ is shown by a public document – a certificate whose form and content are defined by the Minister of Labour.

Procedure of validation is a collection of relevant documents and other evidence or knowledge exam and consequently a written opinion on acquired skills, knowledge and competences.


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Alenka Sagadin Mlinaric, Adult Education Centre Maribor

Tanja Mozina and Vera Mlinar, Slovenian Institute for Adult Education