The practices and procedures, and especially the tools (e-portfolios, on-line surveys, questionnaires, tests and etc.) used in the validation of non-formal and informal learning processes are important as they influence the overall quality – validity and reliability – of the validation process and its outcomes, and also, support the professional development of those working in VNFIL (validation of non-formal and informal learning). The tools influence the way individual learners experience validation and determine whether their experiences are captured or not.

The aims of this survey are:

• to explore the current European situation on existing innovative and effective VNFIL tools, especially electronic ones and identify the most effective instruments needed to fulfil successful VNFIL;
•to assess the needs of VNFIL professionals in terms of urgent challenges and required competences, also those specifically related to the effective use of the tools above-mentioned.

This information will be used in the framework of the project PROFI-VNFIL “Ensure the professionalization and good functioning of VNFIL” research.