Online Transnational Training

Online Transnational Training featured

On 17th of November 2020, the online transnational training for project partners was conducted. Projects partners and professionals in validation of non-formal and informal learning from Lithuania, Italy, Portugal and Greece participated at the online transnational training.

The meeting aimed at partners’ training on VNFIL processes and practices from professionals. The purpose was participants to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, in order to train professionals who want to work in the field of validation, using the tools produced by the project (training program, e-portfolio and self-assessment tool).

Topics of the meeting

  • The common understanding of key terminology around VNFIL process in Europe, by presenting specific examples and experiences of each country
  • Information regarding the design and the implementation of the national Institutional context within the “Recognition and Validation process”
  • The reflection on the set of key skills and competences that practitioners working in this field should have to perform accordingly
  • The testing of e-portfolio produced by the project partners and aimed at the self-assessment of VNFIL candidates.


Stay tuned for more news about our project and the training program!