VNFIL Surveys

VNFIL Surveys

The main aim of our project is to contribute to the professionalization and well-functioning of high-quality systems of VNFIL (validation of non-formal and informal learning).

Aware to the digitization of processes (transversal to the various domains of social, economic and political life), the project starts with the identification, at European level, of existing innovative and effective VNFIL practices and tools (particularly online tools) and the assessment of the needs of VNFIL professionals. To identify them, partners are conducting online surveys in all partners’ countries. The results of the surveys will help them to develop the outputs of the project, a self-assessment tool for VNFIL candidates’ and a training program for VNFIL professionals.


The project team developed 2 questionnaires aimed at:
  • Identifying, at European level, existing innovative and effective VNFIL practices and tools (particularly online tools) – Questionnaire
  • Assessing the needs of VNFIL professionals in terms of urgent challenges and required competences, also those specifically related to the effective use of the tools above-mentioned – Questionnaire

Those are simple and quick answer questionnaires and we kindly ask you to contribute and share with us your knowledge and vision, by filling out the questionnaires in the links above.

The provision of personal identification data (email) is optional and the information collected will be processed only for the purpose of the survey, respecting the requirements of G.D.P.R.

For any question, you can contact us.